Crossy Road Hack

Crossy Road Hack for Coins – iOS & Android

Coins in Crossy Road can be used to purchase new mascots and other items.  The only way to actually get coins in the game is by playing.  You can also pay to unlock individual mascots in Crossy Road or you can just use the hack tool to get an unlimited amount of coins!

The Crossy Road hack is currently available for iOS devices and will be available for Android as soon as the game is released on that platform.  The Crossy Road hack is free to download and has been tested and proven to work.  It’s very easy to use and allows you to add thousands of coins directly to your account.  After you download the Crossy Road hack onto your phone or tablet, you’ll see a menu like the one pictured below.

Crossy Road Hack

First of all, you need to select your device type.  Since Crossy Road is currently only available on iOS, that should be the one that you choose.  Tap “Connect Device” to link the hack tool to your Crossy Road account.  Once your account is connected, type in the amount of coins you want to add.  You can also check the boxes to unlock all of the characters and get rid of the in-game advertisements.

Crossy Road Hack

After you’ve entered all of the information, tap the “Start Hack” button to begin the hack.  The entire process usually only takes about 20 seconds.  You can check the status of the hack by viewing the progress bar at the bottom of your screen.  The Crossy Road hack will let you know when it’s complete.  Now just open the Crossy Road app to view if the coins have been added to your account.  You’re now free to play Crossy Road with an unlimited amount of coins and all of the mascots unlocked!

Crossy Road Tips & Cheats

If you’re one of those gamers that only like to play for a few minutes at a time, do yourself a favor and enable notifications in this game so that you know when a new gift of coins is ready for you to collect, at first this will be every few minutes, but as you claim more coin gifts, the time which you must wait for the next one.


The stages in the game itself start of very easy, but prepare yourself for increasing difficulty as you get further into the game, make sure you practice your timing so you don’t accidently end up slamming into oncoming traffic. One great way to get a little further ahead is tapping really fast as soon as you see an opening, you end up travelling further than you would have if you had gone ahead and proceeded cautiously, but bear in mind that the further you end up going, the more cars and trains there will be making your road crossing very difficult.

To avoid getting killed by the plane (which is definitely one of the most frustrating and annoying ways to die) jump fast, or if you see it coming, swipe out of the way so you don’t get hit, if you’re in the street, try to jump rather than scooting to the side, otherwise you risk getting hit by something else so your effort is for nothing.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 2021 UPLOADED
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 2021 UPLOADED

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