Order and Chaos Duels Hack

Order and Chaos Duels Hack for Runes, Silver & Gold

You might be sitting there enjoying the card game Order and Chaos Duels, but you are likely getting frustrated because the amounts of items that you need in order to continue on in the game are hard to collect. Some of the items you can get in the app store include runes, silver, and gold, but these purchases cost real money, and this gets expensive really quickly, and it’s hard to collect in the game through playing.

We have put out a free hack tool, and you can use it on both iOS and Android to get unlimited amounts of runes, silver, and gold for free.

Simply check out the image below to see how the Order and Chaos Duels hack works, and you will notice the simple setup of the options menu.

Order and Chaos Duels Hack

Simply download the Order and Chaos Duels hack tool, which takes about 30 seconds, and the generator automatically installs in about 30 seconds. You will need to choose which device you are using, and then input how much runes, silver, and gold you want to add to your account.

Finally, press “Start” to begin the hacking process, which takes about 40 seconds to complete. Once the tool has finished working, all you have to do is open up Order and Chaos Duels on your device, and you will see that the items have been added to your account. You can then use these items to help you through the game, and you can come back and use the hack tool as many times as you would like.

Order and Chaos Duels Hack

HackCrackInjectorOrder and Chaos Duels Cheats and Tips

Your goal in Order and Chaos Duels is to kill the enemy hero by attacking him numerous times, until he reaches zero hit points.  Whichever side hits zero first, will lose the game.  There is no tying each other in this game.  You can only win or lose in Order and Chaos Duels.

In order to reduce the enemy hero’s health, you can do it in multiple ways.  First way is through attacking using minions.  Another way is to use spells in order to whittle down the opponent.  Whichever way you find best suits your style, is what you should stack more heavily on.  If you like using spells rather than using monsters, stack your deck with more spells than monsters.


In order to summon a minion, you must be able to retain enough energy in order to summon it.  You can have up to five monsters in play at a time.  If you want to have any more monsters on the table, you’ll have to lose one of your own minions in order to play it.  This is all part of the strategy that you need to play your best minions on the board in order to not waste space when playing your own minions.

Part of the strategy in this game that is unique from other games is the option to sacrifice one of your own cards for an energy.  I don’t recommend doing this for many reasons.  First of all, you’re losing two cards by discarding one card and then playing another one.  If you continuously do this, you’ll have more energy than you will have cards to spend energy.  In terms of value, you want to get a maximum value on your cards.  Value means theh amount of energy you’re trading with the other person.  If you manage to trade something that costs 1 energy for something that costs 2 energy, you’re winning that battle.  This is because if you manage to always spend as much energy as you can on each turn, you’re using your energy most efficiently.  Another reason that it’s not a good idea is that the idea of discarding a whole card for one energy is not worth it.  One energy is not worth a whole card.  If you’re only getting one card a turn, then you’ll eventually run out of cards to play.

What’s different from this game and Hearthstone is that each card position is only facing the one opposite of it, so if you don’t have a monster opposite of one of your opponent’s monsters, your opponent’s monster can attack your hero directly.  This means that if you’re running low health, you’ll have to be on guard the whole game if your opponent is playing monsters constantly.

Every turn, the two monsters facing each other will attack each other until one monster drops.  After that, the player must replace the monster in order to continue the battle.  So, on occasion, you may have five battles ongoing at the exact time.  So what makes Order and Chaos Duels from being a complete noodle fight playing cards over and over again?


Spells and hero abilities can be a game changer at any point during the game.  By taking advantage of card effects and spells, you’ll be able to control the board and give yourself advantages in the duels between the monsters.

By comboing your monster attacks and your spells to do just enough damage to kill the enemy minions is important in order to gain control of the board, or board control.  This is a concept I’ll explain a little bit later.  Organize your deck in order to maximize your potential to combo your cards together in order to maximize the amount of damage that you can output.

If you want an example, I’ll give you one.  Gnoll Mages are minions that have 5 attack and 7 health points.  For a 3 energy monster, it’s fairly common to see a 5 attack and 7 health points monster, but if you read more in-depth on the monster, you’ll see that it has the ability to stun any monster that has 7 or more attack.  This mean that any monster against the gnoll mage which has more than 7 attack points, will be stunned for a turn.  This means that it won’t be able to attack for a turn.  This card has special effects which allows it to do something extra.  A possible combo that you could do with this creature is a stun damage card.  By comboing stuns, you’ll be able to stop the opposing creature for more than one turn and be able to destroy it.

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